Summer Camps

I’m a firm believer that kids should have the summer “off” from any and all academics. That doesn’t meant that they stop learning. It just means they stop learning with structure. It’s a time for free play, role play….whatever you want to call it, but ultimately, it’s a time for them to have FUN.

We let the girls pick 2 summer camps of their choices this year. Drama Camp and Gymnastics Camp were the top contenders, followed by a close third with Ballet and Dancing. The minimum age requirement for the Drama Camp near our home was 6 years old, but the Camp Director made an exception for Brianne and Bridgette to participate at 5.5 years old. They then became, ofcourse, the youngest ones in the group. Unable to read the “scripts”, they were given roles with a one liner, but they did get to participate in the singing and dancing. 🙂

After a week of learning and rehearsing, the entire camp produced a performance for the parents. To cheer the girls on, we invited the grandparents along for the viewing too! They did a fantastic job, despite being the youngest ones, and we were incredibly proud of them. 🙂

Waiting by the sidelines in good spirits

Bridgette took the end-of-show bowing/curtsying very seriously 🙂

After Drama Camp was Gymnastics Camp, where they spent a week tumbling around, balancing themselves on the beam, and jumping on trampolines. Both girls agreed that they enjoyed the Gymnastics Camp more as there were less structure, and a lot more movements. I suspect it had to do with their adoration for the gymnasts that they witnessed on television during Olympic month, and their desire to be like those talented gymnasts. 🙂

In between the two camps were more ice cream outings, birthday celebrations, and free play all around town!

Gorgeous day at Twin Peaks

Ivan wasn’t too excited about being in the center of all these princesses for his first birthday 🙂
Happy birthday to Grandma Leung!

Celebrating Jovian’s 4th birthday!
Happy birthday Jovi!
Hilarious moment captured of the kids that were clearly upset with the boy that kept blowing out Jovi’s candles (we had to re-light the candles 3 times!)

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