Get Chimpped

There’s an exciting new app on my iphone and it’s call Chimpped!

Two honest confessions before I get into the details:

1. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my iphone. I like to keep it pretty clean. Whereas my husband has probably a hundred apps on his iphone, I have proudly kept mine simple and uncluttered with just 1.5 pages of apps. Simply put, only the most useful apps will ever make it onto my iphone.

2. Chimpped is the brainchild of my sister Mimi but that’s not why I’m in love with this product.

So what exactly is Chimpped? It’s the solution for people like me, who loves and appreciates the convenience of doing everything with the tip of my fingers. I’m sure many women/mothers can related to this–I am constantly making appointments and reservations for my family and I. From restaurant reservations to kids’ activities to spa appointments to dentist appointments, it feels like I’m the personal secretary to my husband and daughter. I don’t mind, for the most part, until I’m up at 2am scouring over summer camp brochures to find suitable camp options for Bridgette, only to then realize I need to complete 2 pages of forms by hand, and then fax it to the camp after 9am the next day. Okay, that can be a bit frustrating to say the least. Even for those tech-savvy companies that actually allow us to make immediate appointments online, thank you for keeping up with technology to make our lives easier but…wouldn’t it be nice if you were all centralized in one place so you can be found in the first place?

It’s the “a-ha” moment that my sister got when she quit her job a year ago and became a stay at home mom, which quickly led her to experience first hand how disjointed the process is to find service providers and to make regular appointments for the family. Being the intelligent and solution-oriented person that she is, she ventured out to create a product that would help everyone save precious time doing what they need to do regularly–schedule appointments.

For the past year, Mimi and her very tech-savvy business partner, Tony Lam, worked with top engineers to create a wonderful, amazing product to help solve a common problem….and this extraordinary product that finally came to fruition this week, is Chimpped.

I’m proud beyond words, for the monumental efforts that Mimi and Tony have put into Chimpped. The result of their brilliance and hard work is a phenomenal platform that will undoubtedly be my best friend for a long time to come.

Interested in how Chimpped works? See for yourself in this 2 minute video!

Chimpped needs to build a community in order to work the magic that it’s equipped to do. If you love the idea behind Chimpped as much as I do, here are 3 easy (and lucrative) steps you can take to help them get started!

1. Like them on Facebook to give them support (they’ll need it when they finish up their regular business day at the 18th hour)

2. Sign up as a user! Easy, simple process. Takes all of 1 minute. Good deal, considering it’ll save you many minutes going forward!

3. Sign up as a Chimpped Ambassador! After that, you can be earning lots of cash simply by getting service providers to sign up! They’re not asking you to be a telemarketer, or to knock door to door as a salesperson. They’re simply asking you to reach out to the service providers you use regularly–your dentist, hair stylist, spa, etc… and tell them about Chimpped. The service providers sign up free of any obligations, and can easily gain presence and exposure by being on Chimpped. Best and most important of all, you will then be able to use Chimpped to book (or change/cancel) all those appointments with a few easy clicks online or through your smart phone!

I know you didn’t miss the part about being “lucrative” if you are a Chimpped Ambassador. 🙂 Yes, for every service provider that you refer, who signs up with Chimpped, you get $100 cash. Read the details here.

Let’s get this party started! Get Chimpped!

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