Ben and Daphne’s Wedding

One of the biggest highlights for the girls this summer was their participation in Ben and Daphne’s wedding as their flower girls. When Ben asked Mimi and I if the girls could take on that honorary role, he didn’t have to ask twice. In fact, I was so excited that I started searching for the perfect dresses right away. From Etsy to Nordstrom and everything in between, I scouted endlessly for the right dresses and the right shoes. At one point, I took the girls all around town trying on shoes–sparkly TOMS, ballet flats, dress shoes, etc. etc…..until the girls were at their wit’s ends and refused to try on another pair without breaking down into a full blown whine fest. Boy, as a professional wedding planner and all, I had no idea how hard it was to find the right pair of flower girl shoes! Or maybe I was just picky, as I didn’t like any of the shoes that were actually tagged as “flower girl shoes” given their formality. I finally found the perfect pair of flats at Nordstrom, with a really pretty headband from Gap Kids. The girls were gifted gorgeous Swarovski necklaces from Ben and Daphne which became the icing on the cake for their gorgeous attire.

This was Bridgette’s second time as a flower girl, and Brianne’s first. Both seemed like long term veterans though, given that they play “wedding” at home on a daily basis. At rehearsal, they listened to the instructions carefully and took their roles very seriously as they practiced walking down the aisle with an adorable Damon who wanted to run off at every chance he got. It was so amusing to watch them!

The wedding was on a Friday, and I took the day off with my sister to take the girls out for some pampering! We started off at one of my favorite nail salons in the city–the shabby chic Le Creme off of Fillmore Street. The girls were squealing with excitement the minute they entered the salon, and began going through all the nail polishes to pick their colors.

The hand with the most un-adventurous nail polish color belongs to me. :)The girls were so adventurous. They picked 2 different colors for their toes, and asked to have flowers painted on their big toes and thumbs. 🙂

After Le Creme, we had lunch at The Grove, followed by my favorite organic froyo joint–Fraiche before we headed home to get dressed for the wedding.

Getting pampered from head to toe is exhausting! The girls fell asleep the minute they got into the car on our way to Silver Creek Valley Country Club which couldn’t have worked out more perfectly as it would be a late night for them.

They look so grown up in this photo!

The girls did great on the Processional, walking in a trio as Brianne gripped onto Damon’s hand while Bridgette remembered to toss her petals during the last few steps. 🙂 They loved the attention, knowing that guests were gushing over their prettiness and cuteness every step of the way. Girls will be girls!

After the ceremony was over, the girls let loose and were prepared to party away. Between snacking over the cheese platter and drinking the limitless supply of juices, they made a point to circulate around the room telling ladies how beautiful their dresses were and making a whole lot of people happy!

Practicing their fancy moves on the dance floor in the empty ballroom
They loved twirling around in their pretty dresses
Gorgeous view from our table

Throughout dinner, the girls were hardly able to stay in their seats for long. When the dance floor finally opened up, they wasted no time in strutting their moves for all to see. I love watching children dance. It’s even more entertaining than watching adults who’ve had too much to drink on the dance floor. Kids have the funniest moves, yet they do not care how silly they look. They dance the way that they want to dance, and they enjoy every moment of it along the way. As always, we’ve got a lot to learn from these kids! 🙂

Congratulations to Ben and Daphne, and thank you again for inviting us to celebrate with you!

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