Happy Valentine’s Day!

I use to be really into Hallmark holidays, but through the years, Alan has convinced me that “one does not need a special occasion to show love.” 

Okay, that may be his tacky excuse for always having to travel during such holidays, but nonetheless, I do find myself agreeing to his philosophy that love and affection should be shown and celebrated year-round.

Last Friday, there was a father/daughter Valentine’s dance at our local community center, and I had signed Alan and Bridgette up way in advance, before he’d ever get a chance to object. 🙂 I also signed her friends (and neighbors) Mina and Karina up with their daddies, so that they could keep each other company.

Despite being excluded for this event, I realllllly looked forward to getting Bridgette ready for her first dance. But, I had a marathon of client meetings that day in San Francisco, so I had to entrust this monumental task to Alan. I did pick out Bridgette’s dress and leggings the night before, just to be safe, since I’ve seen the way Alan dressed her for school. 🙂 Lo and behold, Alan did a phenomenal job with her hair, tucking it into a perfect little ballerina bun. Impressive!

According to Alan, they were one of the firsts to arrive, and Bridgette was excited to show off her twirls on the spacious dance floor. Let me tell you, my little girl’s got some mean ballerina moves, despite not having taken any formal lessons. We think it’s in her genes (not sure from whom) to perform with a passion!

Besides the dancing, there were sweets and crafts to keep the children entertained as well. Bridgette wasted no time indulging in the cupcakes!

Great practice run for their father/daughter dance at Bridgette’s wedding 20+ years from now… 🙂

Though Alan and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in separate countries this year (he’s in Switzerland again), Bridgette has sweetly suggested that we FaceTime with daddy while we have our Valentine’s dinner tomorrow, so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely. I had to burst her bubble a bit with a lesson on the different time zones. She also drew a special picture for mommy.

In her own words:

“Mommy and I enjoying a sunny day together, with butterflies, bees, and flies. I am handing mommy the biggest heart in the world because I love mommy very much.”

Awww….I love you too Bridgette!

Alan, don’t worry, you are not left out. Here’s a card waiting for us to open together when you come back….

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