Xoxo, from Bridgette

Bridgette and I were ambitious with our Valentine’s projects this year, with big plans to make these cute candy pops that we found on Hostess with the Mostess. We picked out candies in just the right colors at Sweet Factory, and matched them with cute love bug cards. Each of her 40 schoolmates would get one, as a token of our “xoxo” for the big V day.

Unfortunately, a flooding occurred at Bridgette’s school last week, causing a mandatory shut down for 10 whole days. That means a cancellation on the school Valentine party as well. Disappointing, but we decided to do the candy pops anyways and gave them to her friends as favors at her birthday party.

Bridgette woke up this morning and sang a Valentine’s song for me. Alan and I are very lucky that she has always been a cheery morning person. As a baby, Bridgette would wake up entertaining herself in the crib…babbling, singing, and humming to herself until we entered her room, in which she’d excitedly fling her arms up to be held. As she got older, the morning songs only got louder and more creative. Even at 5 years old now, she still wakes up singing on most mornings, and as cranky of a morning person as I usually am, it’s hard not to wake up with a smile when your little girl is singing to you.

She asked if she could wear pink today, in honor of Valentine’s day. That wasn’t such a challenging request considering that her wardrobe is a sea of pinkness. She is literally a walking Valentine’s card today! Xoxo, everyone!

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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