More Summer Fun

Although the heat has been inconsistent this summer, that has not deter us from maximizing our days outside. One of our favorite recent outings was to the Moveable Feast Food Truck Festival at the San Mateo Event Center. Food trucks have become quite a phenomenon these days, with each one specializing in just a few specialty items. Prominent restaurants have created mobile versions of their most popular menu items, and one can even find a nice variety of dessert food trucks around town!

Each food truck has their own weekly schedule as far as where they can be found, and the best way to keep up with them is to follow them on Twitter. The Moveable Feast that we visited is just one of many events that bring together some of the most popular food trucks in one setting, combined with live music and other festivities. We had a whole lot of fun that night!

The renown Euro-Vietnamese restaurant, Crustacean, became mobile with their famous garlic noodles. “An the Go” had the longest lines by far at the food festival, as people patiently waited for up to 45 minutes for that delicious garlic noodle! Alan was no exception.

I personally thought that the mobile version of the garlic noodles was not nearly as good as the restaurant itself, which ofcourse makes sense given the cooking restrictions around a food truck. Still, it seemed to have satisfied a lot of hungry patrons that evening.

My favorite was actually the Toasty Melt truck, which has earned quite a stellar reputation for its amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. The line for this truck was very long as well, and it was about a 40 minute wait. I stood in line for it because the girls really wanted their grilled cheese sandwiches, wondering the whole time how extraordinary a grilled cheese sandwich could possibly be to make people stand in line for 40 minutes!

Well, let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. In fact, it was so good we contemplated on standing in line for another 40 minutes to get a second one! We didn’t, ofcourse, because I’m just not very patient with lines, but it was really that good. We ordered the Irish Cheddar, which had cheddar cheese, garlic, and mash potatoes in the sandwich itself. The cheese was grilled to perfection and we loved the mash potatoes with it!

Besides the food, the girls loved dancing to the live music! They twirled around like ballerinas, somersaulted on the ground like gymnasts, and gracefully curtsied like princesses after each performance. It didn’t take long before they became the show for spectators!

Treatbot was another big hit at the festival. They had an express line though, for two of their most popular ice cream flavors. We tried the 408 and it was very tasty!

The girls spent a lot of time playing at home last week, mostly in the backyard. From time to time though, they would become restless, so I needed to engage them in more activities. With my sister in Japan, it’s challenging (and exhausting) to take the girls out on my own. I thought about taking them to Great America and Raging Waters on my own, but the intelligent side of my brain talked me out of it. I did manage to take them to Lemos Farm by myself last week, where the girls rode ponies, fed goats, rode on a train, and got their first hay ride!

Bridgette kept pinching her nose and asking why the ponies smelled so bad. She stopped when I told her that would hurt the ponies' feelings

I have to say though, that Lemos Farm seems a little too run down these days. It almost looks and feels like an abandoned farm. I think they need to do a better job maintaining the place, as it’s got such good potential to be a fun, family-oriented farm.

Hi cowgirl!

When it came time for the petting zoo, the goats seemed overly excited to see us. They made a mad dash towards us, and because the barb wire was so worn down, some of the smaller goats were able to squeeze their way out of their fenced area. Their excitement and eagerness scared Brianne and Bridgette. Each of them were holding little cups of food, ready to feed the goats. As soon as the goats came running towards them, they tossed their cups in the air and ran off!

It was both funny and chaotic. I was holding onto my own two cups of goat food, my camera and backpack, so I couldn’t really chase after the girls. I yelled for them to come back but they were screaming and crying in agony…well, at least Bridgette was. Brianne was scared, but not to the extent of Bridgette.

It took some time for me to calm the girls down, and to convince them that the goats were not trying to attack us. After my power of persuasion, Brianne finally got comfortable enough to feed the goats, and once she showed Bridgette her newfound bravery, it didn’t take long for Bridgette to follow suit.

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