Favorite Finds

I love obsessing over great finds, and then sharing them with everyone I know.

I dislike shopping on my feet, but I absolutely love shopping with my hands (just click that mouse!).

I love decorating, and then redecorating my home. I wish I can change the colors and theme every other month, but my husband will probably not be a happy camper. That, plus I’d probably have to close out my bank account.

I am secretly thankful that we have a girl and not a boy, because I adore girls’ clothing so much more!

Here are some great finds, latest obsessions….whatever you want to call it. Let’s just call them the things I’m lovin’…and wantin’

Top left: These homemade kids’ stools can double up as an ottoman, and are so fun and cute. I’d love to get a few for Bridgette and her friends!

Top right: My talented friend Viola from Chewing the Cud is constantly coming up with the cutest things! First, her Bon Bon Mots iphone app, and now these stylish fabric buckets!

Bottom left: In case you haven’t heard, putting your kids’ wet swimsuits in a grocery bag is not very hip. That’s exactly why “wet bags” are made, and I’m loving this goofy owl pattern!

Bottom right: This modern TWIGGY coat rack is just so much more cooler than those plastic ones you see at Home Depot. Ofcourse, the price tag is way steeper too, so I’d only use it by the front door where it would be visible to everyone 🙂

Ever since I saw the cake photos that my friend, Joanne Wong, posted on her facebook, I’ve been trying to find an excuse to throw a party just so I can order one of her cute cakes. My favorite one so far is the ballerina, shown below, but Jovi’s recent sailor birthday cake is a close second. You must visit Joanne’s Etsy shop to see more of her handcrafted cake decorations! The Angry Birds collection is awesome!

That’s all for now. Happy Friday everyone! Go get yourself some Pinkberry love

Or some cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, but be sure to lick all the sprinkles off first. According to Bridgette, that is the best way to eat them…

Or go watch Smurfs in 3D. But remember to get in the spirit by bringing your Smurfs hat and some blue cotton candy…

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