Week Of The Young Child

A couple of weeks ago, it was Week Of The Young Child.

It is an annual celebration each April sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the nation’s largest organization of early childhood professionals. It is celebrated across the country by hundreds of local organizations working to improve opportunities for all young children. The purpose of the Week of the Young child is to focus attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs, professionals, and services that meet those needs.

Since the Week of the Young Child is a grassroots celebration, Bridgette’s school designated a theme for each day of the weeklong celebration on the joy of childhood. It was a lot of fun, for both the adults and the kids!

Monday was:

BACKWARDS, INSIDE OUT CRAZY HAIR DAY backwards inside out clothes, pony tails, braids, spikes, color, bed head.

I was flying in that morning from Beijing, so Alan was given the creative duty to dress Bridgette appropriately for this day. He did a fantastic job, especially with crazy, spiky hair!

At the end of the day, when I picked Bridgette up, her hair was a rainbow color!

Tuesday was:

ALOHA DAY Show your Aloha spirit by coming to school decked out in your favorite island gear!

I dressed Bridgette in the cute dress that her friend Karina got her from Hawaii, with the beautiful flower flip flops from Auntie Meme in Hong Kong.

Wednesday was:

PAJAMA DAY and PANCAKE breakfast Just roll out of bed and brush your teeth-no need to put on clothes because it’s pajama day. Don’t forget to bring your favorite sleepytime toy to complete the outfit.

This, ofcourse, was every parent’s favorite day!

She even got to bring her favorite duck duck to school!

Thursday was:

RAINBOW DAY Today you can get dressed in the dark! The more colors the better!

We went totally wild and colored Bridgette’s nails a rainbow color too!

Friday was:

CARNIVAL DAY Dress like a clown for some serious clowning around

Since Bridgette doesn’t have school on Fridays, she missed out on that one, but here’s an adorable picture of her cousin Jovian as a clown!

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