Happy Easter!

Since we were going to be spending Easter weekend in New Orleans this year, we decided to do an Easter party one week early. A few days prior, Bridgette helped me to ‘stuff’ the eggs with all kinds of goodies, and assembled our cute little Easter baskets for her friends that would attend the party.

We had a BBQ, where we used our grill for the very first time! It was a beautiful day, and the kids had a blast together while the adults got to enjoy some delicious grilled food and parent talks. Earlier that morning, I hid the eggs in our backyard, so that the kids could have a little Easter egg hunt.

Funny side note….the morning of the BBQ, Bridgette woke up and came downstairs to find me preparing the food. She looked around the house, and said, “Mommy, I thought we are having an Easter party today!” I responded, “We are! Mommy is preparing the food right now!”

Bridgette looked confused, and said, “But if we are having a party, how come there are no pretty decorations?”

Laugh out loud, I guess I have already trained my little girl to know that a party is not a party without proper decor to make things ‘cute and pretty’. Unfortunately, I just did not have time to do it this year, as I had just returned from Beijing and getting ready to leave for New Orleans!

Saria and Tyler hanging out together
The dads enjoying a moment of sun and tranquility
Bridgette and Ethan decorating their tiaras

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