U-Me Day

Last week, Alan and I took the afternoon off to accompany Bridgette to her 4 year old check up. She had her eyes and ears tested, and received two shots (ouch!). My brave little girl cried just a little bit when she got her shots, but as always, her tears quickly dried up when the nurses offered her princess stickers.

After the check up, we decided to check out U-Me, an indoor play space in Menlo Park. Bridgette immediately fell in love with the ‘marketplace’, doctor’s cart, and other play props there. I liked how it was one big open space, allowing the parents to have a good visual of their children at all times. It was a bit pricey ($20 for one child), but I liked that it wasn’t as crowded as the other play spaces we’ve been to, and I liked the simple, clean, minimalistic look (I’m always about aesthetics!) it had. We enjoyed a nice 2 hours there before we decided to head to the city to our favorite Japantown for dinner and dessert. It was nice that for once, we were back to our pre-children spontaneous self, where we didn’t worry about traffic, timing, and logistics and just drove into the city on a weeknight to have dinner.

We ate at one of our old favorites–Izumiya, and then indulged in our favorite sweet crepes at Sophie’s Crepes. Bridgette, surprisingly, didn’t love the crepes and asked for her favorite cupcake instead, at the new Cako in Japantown. We also browsed around the Kinokinuya bookstore and stationary shop before we headed home. What a nice break in the middle of the week!

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