Cookie Making Sunday

The beautiful, sunny weather was too good to last. The rain came back today, but admittedly, I do love the rain. As soon as I smelled the rain in the air, I knew it was an opportunity to do some baking with Bridgette. One of the greatest thing about our move is that we’re just a mile away from one of Bridgette’s closest friends, Karina, and it is so wonderful that the girls are now able to play together at least once or twice a week (though we do miss our old neighbors a lot). Today, Karina came over and we had a really nice time baking chocolate chip cookies together.

Good friends handling the batter together
Fun times greasing the pan
Bridgette loves 'tasting' the batter to make sure it's good enough
Karina is super focused, but Bridgette can't stop tasting the batter!

Enjoying the cookies together!

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