Fun Memories

I often complain that I have to be the one to handle ALL of our family photos and videos…..the capturing, the editing, the sorting, etc. etc. But, I do have to say that I enjoy it for the most part, as time consuming as it is, because whenever I sit down to edit and organize our photos/videos, it is also a time for me to reminisce and reflect.

On this quiet Saturday morning, I sat down in front of my laptop intending to transfer my mobile photos to my iphotos. In the process, I couldn’t help playing the videos and laughing out loud at all the wonderful memories in the past few years. I also rejoiced at all the beautiful milestones my little girl has reached. Ofcourse, that inspired me to do a blog post right away!

Bridgette's first movie theater experience, watching Toy Story 3
First roller skate and skateboarding experience
Trying on flower girl dresses for the first time
Cooking with grandma
Facial mask for the first time, with mommy and grandma
First school parade (pajamas day!)
First puzzle that she completed on her own, with no help at all!
First pizza making experience

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