Snail Hunt

I love daylight savings! Not only does it mean that Spring is coming, but it also means that the sun is still out when I pick Bridgette up from school, allowing us some extra time together in the great outdoors.

Yesterday, I mentioned to Bridgette that the snails like to come out after the rain. That immediately sparked her curiosity, and she asked if we could go on a snail hunt after school.

“Ofcourse” I said enthusiastically! I’m a big advocate of giving kids a nice dose of nature everyday. We all need the fresh air!

So off we went on our snail hunt after school, around the lagoon surrounding our neighborhood. It has become my daily running track as well, so I am quite familiar with the grounds. We ran until we needed to stop to catch our breaths, jumped over puddles, waved to the ducks, breathed the lovely after-rain scent in the air, and true to my words we hunted for snails.

Ahhh…..children are so good at teaching us how to stop and smell the roses.

While we were hunting for snails, Bridgette asked if I could help her keep an eye out for foxes. I was a bit wary about that, and asked her why she’d think we may run into a fox.

‘Mommy,’ she said in a very serious tone, ‘Foxes are tricky. Haven’t you seen Swiper? He’s the sneaky fox that always swipes Dora’s things away!’

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