Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve been feeling really sentimental lately, ever since Bridgette turned 4. I keep thinking that she needs to stop growing up so fast! She seems so grown up already at age 4, and she will be attending kindergarten next year. I wonder what it will be like when she becomes a teenager. I will probably still be blogging, and wishing she was 4 again.

Here are some fun photos of her at age 0, 1, and 2!


Bridgette's first plane ride was to Hawaii, at 10 months old
Bridgette and Brianne got their first taste of the beach on this trip!
Bridgette at 1 years old
Bridgette's first picnic, with her friends, at 1 years old
Swimming with her Bill Yee Wah and cousin Jovi at 2 years old
Bridgette's ballet class, at 2 years old

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