Back to Worldschooling!

As my Facebook feed got flooded with back to school pictures earlier this month, it was a good reminder that perhaps it’s time to do another post on our worldschooling update!

We spent most of our summer back home in the Bay Area, with just a short, but eventful trip to Mexico. It felt really nice and relaxing to be home for an extended period of time, especially since we got to be amongst so many family and friends. Bridgette and her BFF cousin were together 24/7 for nearly 2 whole months, our household was filled with laughter from my chatterbox nephew, and we got to eat more home cooking!

As summer came to an end for us around mid August, we began preparing for Bridgette’s new worldschooling year ahead. It’s hard to believe she is starting 7th grade, just 2 years shy of entering high school! #wheredidthetimego 😅

So what’s our plan for this “school year?” Well, for starters, we’ve got most of our travel destinations decided for the first 6 months or so. We just spent a week in Tokyo, Japan and we’re currently in Bangkok, Thailand. Then, we attend our first ever worldschooling summit in Bali, Indonesia as a family, which we are suuuuuper excited about because we’ll get to meet hundreds of other worldschooling families in one place….finally! We’ll get a short break back home for Halloween (ofcourse), and then we’ll spend a few weeks in Europe to explore and to visit one of Bridgette’s besties. We’re planning to spend the holidays at home, and will devote some time in the beginning of 2020 in Central and South America, beginning with Guatamela.

People always asks us how we decide on our travel destinations. There are actually several factors that help us decide:

1. Cheap flights that pop up (seriously, how can we turn down $400 tickets from San Francisco to Australia, or $300 tickets from San Francisco to Switzerland?? 😆)

2. Locations where we may meet up with other worldschoolers.

3. Locations where Bridgette can actually be in the context of what she’s currently learning OR if the locations can provide her an enriching learning experience in areas of interest and importance.

Ofcourse, destinations that offer fun and exciting adventures are always a bonus. 🙂

Much of Bridgette’s “schoolwork” is project based, allowing her to do her work no matter where she’s at, and one of Bridgette’s major projects for this year will be to post videos more consistently on her Youtube channel. We’ve come to recognize how many skills are actually required to maintain her Youtube channel, beyond just the filming and editing. There’s the scripting, which gives her a chance to practice a specific type of writing. There’s the planning, which helps her practice her organizational skills. There’s the filming and editing that requires quite a bit of creativity. There’s the speaking and narrating that enables her to practice being articulate and eloquent. There are the analytics that she will need to learn to read and understand. And then there’s the digital marketing aspect that she will work on to try to promote her channel. This is not an attempt for her to become any kind of Youtube star at all, but rather, a fun and relatable way for her to learn and enhance a number of skillsets. She’d love your support by subscribing to her channel here!

As a start, she and I worked on a new video that gives people a glimpse into her worldschooling life and what that entails. We thought it’d be fun for others to actually “see” it rather than to just read about it on this blog. If you enjoy it, be sure to leave her a comment! 🙂

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