Summer 2018 (Part I.)

I’m well aware that we’re in November now, so it may seem weird that I’m still blogging about our summer activities, but honestly I have not had any time to catch up with my photo sorting/editing with all our travels this year.

Summer time was the longest span of time we stayed in the Bay Area this year, but it was still eventful because Mimi, Brianne, and Brady were here and we had so much fun together as always!

We kicked off the summer with a chillaxin’ week after they arrived from Hong Kong, so that they had some time to get over jetlag. This meant strolls around the neighborhood, visits to our favorite farmer’s market, long naps, and leisurely afternoons at the bookstore.

We haven’t signed the girls up for summer camps (other than the Kiddercreek overnight camp last year) since they were about 5 years old, but this year, Mimi decided to sign them up for a film making camp at Stanford University as the description sounded like a lot of fun. Both girls have enjoyed film making in the past, so it was a good opportunity for them to hone in their skills.

Unfortunately, we all regretted the decision after about 2 days. Not only did it require 2 hours of driving (round trip) each day, but the girls barely learned any new skills. They were taught things that they had self-learned via YouTube already, and much of the time was spent sitting around and listening to instructions. It wasn’t a camp where they felt they had a lot of creative freedom, so that was disappointing. They did, however, meet some new friends that they enjoyed hanging around with, but that was a steep price tag to pay for a week of playdate.

After the week of film camp, we were all super relieved to get our free time back. We packed our minivan and drove north for 2 hours to Autocamp, an airstream glamping site up by the Russian River. We spent 2 fun filled days there before returning home, and then another few relaxing days around our hood before embarking on our Texas road trip.

One highly notable event over the summer was that we celebrated Brady’s 2nd birthday!!!! The little munchkin turned 2 on July 20th and we took him to Bumble, a really cute cafe-type restaurant in Los Altos with an outdoor sandpit and an indoor play area for kids.

Since he’s a fan of Minions, Mimi bought us all Minion t-shirts to wear on his birthday!


We also threw him a little party and invited some of our extended family to come celebrate with our big boy.

Happy birthday to the cutest munchkin in the world! More recap on our summer events tomorrow!

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