Summer 2018 (Part II.)

It’s amazing to go through our summer photos and recall all the memories we made in just those few months! One of the best parts was getting to hang out with our cousins and their kids. I’m so grateful that Brianne, Bridgette, and Brady got to spend so much precious times with their young cousins. We went to Great America, Children’s Museum and the California Academy of Science, amongst other fun outings.

I grew up super close to my cousins and we are still close, so just for fun, we took a photo that was staged as closely to one that we took together back in 1989. On one level, it feels like we haven’t changed much, but on another level, it feels like we’re completely different people!!

fullsizeoutput_fd7This year, the girls and their cousins went to Kidder Creek Camp again for a week, and had a blast like last summer!

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Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.19.18 PM.png

Two other very notable events over the summer were Brady’s dedication to the Lord at our church, NBCC, and…….Bridgette’s BAPTISM!!

Our church announced in the Spring that a baptism date was scheduled for late July, and Bridgette asked if she could sign up. Initially, I was a little surprised, but I really shouldn’t have been, because she has always had an astounding faith since learning about the Lord when she was just 4 years old. Still, I wanted to be sure she understood what it meant to be baptized, so I accompanied her to a baptism class, where she was able to ask questions and write out her testimony. On July 29th, amongst her family and dear friends from church, Bridgette publicly declared her love for the Lord and became baptized!

And here’s what the rest of our summer with the Chuangs looked like….. 🙂

The Chuangs left on the last day of July, and as always, we were super sad to see them go. We still had a few weeks of summer left after that though, and tomorrow, I’ll share what special visitors we welcomed into our home!

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