My Third Grader

It’s hard to believe that Bridgette started third grade this semester. I still remember her first day of kindergarten as if it was just yesterday! How I dream of putting us in a time capsule sometimes…

We’re blessed to live in a neighborhood that allows us to get around on our bikes often. What’s even better is that Bridgette’s best friend lives right next door and the girls are in the same class this year, so they get the delight of riding their bikes to school together some days!

bridggy1 bridggy2


It has become apparent that third grade is the year when teachers really begin to push academics. Can I just say how much I despise common core? I’m so anti-testing, and I hate watching the joy of learning be stripped away from these children once they enter third grade. Fortunately, Bridgette and her friends are able to form mini study groups once in awhile to make homework a little more fun!


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