Junior Wedding Planner

Bridgette adores my job. Every time I come home from a meeting or wedding, she wants me to tell her every. single. detail.

What was the bride’s name mama?

Describe the bride’s dress to me! 

What did the cake look like?

What decisions did you help them make today?

It’s really wonderful how intrigue Bridgette is about my job. I love that she loves the details, and I certainly don’t mind sharing everything with her. She’s begged to help at my weddings for awhile now, and finally this year, I allowed her to come by to one of my weddings for a short period of time. It was at the Bently Reserve where security is less strict, and I would be there for all day set up anyways, so it felt like a good wedding to let Bridgette observe. She was ecstatic ofcourse and showed up with so much energy and enthusiasm!

Amanda and Lorraine from my team knows Bridgette well, and they totally took Bridgette under their wings that day to let her help a bit. She even got to help transport the bride’s dress! She was eager and willing to help with anything and everything, and yup, she was definitely put to work. 🙂

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