Summer in Hong Kong + Macau

This year, when it came time for Mimi and Brianne to go back to Hong KOng, Bridgette and I packed our bags to tag along. I left a few days earlier, to attend Chung Ma Ma’s memorial service, and for the first time, got to pick Mimi and the girls up at the airport in Hong Kong.

Since Brianne was to start third grade almost right away, we didn’t have much plans for our trip to Hong Kong. It was really just to spend some additional time with families and friends there, and that’s exactly what we did.



At their special place–Ruby Tuesday




High tea at Sevva
High tea at Sevva

summer1 summer2

Brianne's first day of third grade
Brianne’s first day of third grade


Ducks have always been her thing!
Ducks have always been her thing!


Precious time with great grandpa
Precious time with great grandpa
Home cooking and a competitive game of chinese checkers
Home cooking and a competitive game of chinese checkers


For our last weekend in Hong Kong, Mimi was really thoughtful and booked a trip to Macau for us. Bridgette hadn’t been to Macau before and was excited for the chance to stay in a hotel with Brianne and Por Por. We stayed at the Sheraton, which was quite nice, and though the girls really just wanted to stay at the hotel all day and night, we did venture out to eat and to see the ruins of St. Paul’s. Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well. Besides nearly melting in 35 degree weather, the amount of tourists hustling and bustling in that area felt like a stampede. Bridgette, who doesn’t do well under the heat, was miserable and seriously almost passed out at one point.

I hadn’t been to the ruins of St. Paul’s since I was a teenager, and I was sad to see the once charming and historical site turned into yet another shopping haven for people. Rather than local artisans selling special, unique items, the real estate surrounding the ruins has been taken over by the big guns like Forever 21, Sketchers, and McDonald’s.


macau1 macau2 macau3


Another giant THANK YOU to my sis for her wonderful hospitality in Hong Kong….no matter how often we go back! 🙂


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