Summer Sheninigans

After our eventful time in Vancouver, Alaska, and Whistler, we spent most of our July and early August in the Bay Area. Like last year, we refrained from signing the girls up for any summer camps and just allowed them the freedom to do whatever they liked each day. Some days, they wanted to stay home and do art while other days, they swam and played under the summer sun. Favorite activities included outings to the farmer’s markets, impromptu picnics, and ice cream indulgences to cool us off. 🙂

Lunch at Gott’s. Yup, it’s time to EAT!
BBQ at home with our cousins
Relaxing afternoon at Off the Grid in the Presidio


Hiking trip in Woodside. This was obviously taken before we got lost for hours… kids were real troopers!


Impromptu swim in Lake Merritt
Finally got to try PPG!


Ice cream made it on our agenda almost every day 🙂

summer1 summer3 summer4 summer5 summer6 summer7

We had our annual girls’ trip to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach for 2 nights, where farmer’s market, clam chowder, beaches, blueberry muffins, and banana cream pies were on our agenda once again.





summer1 summer2 summer3

Back to the Bay Area for more spontaneous activities….from picnics to zoos to movie theaters to neighborhood strolls, the girls had a blast just as long as they were together!

IMG_2396 IMG_2415 IMG_2418

Late nights during the summer meant irresistible naps during the day, even when you’re at the nail salon.

summer1 summer3

IMG_2687 IMG_2733 IMG_2743

Girls’ day in Napa Valley to celebrate my cousin in law’s birthday


Scored the most lovely day in Tiburon!




We did get a bit of a scared for a few days, when Bridgette suddenly complained of stomach pain, accompanied by a fever that spiked to 105. She was taken by ambulance to Stanford hospital’s ER for suspicion of appendicitis, and after ultrasounds and blood tests, was discharged to rest at home. Her fever spiked again the next day, and we had to take her back to Stanford hospital. In the end, her fever finally came down by the fifth day, and she gradually felt better, but boy, all I could do was hold her hand and pray while sitting in the ambulance with her that night…

IMG_2461 hospital1

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