Bahamas Disney Cruise {Part III: Castaway Cay}

Our next port on the Disney Dream was one that we were most looking forward to–Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas owned by Disney. That meant other than our cruise ship, no other ship would be allowed to port there for the day, and we would have the entire island to ourselves! Yay!

We filled ourselves up with a hearty breakfast in the Enchanted Garden restaurant before disembarking bright and early that day, to make the most of our island adventures.




breakfast1It was scorching hot the minute we exited the ship, and we were all eager to dive right into the water. Mickey, Minnie, and the gang were around for photos, but the girls had no interest in lining up for it. In fact, this time around on the cruise, we were a bit surprised that the girls had completely outgrown the characters! They enjoyed being entertained by the characters in the performances, but they had no interest in getting up close and personal to them….even the princesses! Definitely saved us a lot of time. 🙂







castawaycay3 castawaycay4

One thing that we weren’t particular fond of was how we felt nickeled and dimed on shore. Inner tubes, snorkeling equipment, bike rentals….there were fees attached to nearly everything. Considering the premium that we paid by sailing on a Disney ship to visit their private island, it would’ve been better for such things to be comped! But nonetheless…hats off to Disney for keeping their island in such pristine condition. Every part of the island felt very clean and well maintained. There were even beer and cocktails….for a fee of course! 🙂

Disney’s attention to detail is mind-blogging. They truly think of everything their guests would need. Even wheelchairs made for the sand!





Unlimited ice cream around the clock!
Unlimited ice cream around the clock!

There are several areas within the island, including a quiet, secluded area for adults only, and a teenagers-only zone that gives special access to only the teenagers! All other spaces are open to everyone, and there is a tram that takes you from spot to the next. Lunch is included, barbecue style, with all you can eat ice cream and all you can drink soda.


Alan and I surprised Mimi and Brian with a special gift– a couple’s massage in the adults-only area of the island. So after lunch, they sneaked away for some R & R while Alan and I explored the island some more with the girls. My favorite part was definitely the water slides that dropped us straight into the ocean!

castawaycay8 castawaycay9




Once again, we were almost the last ones to get back on the ship that afternoon, and after being in the sun all day, we were exhausted and famished! Fortunately, our dinner that night did not disappoint, and we even found the energy to do family karaoke night! Here are some clips of the girls’ performances that night:

Unbeknownst to Mimi and Brian, I secretly submitted a song request for them to sing. They were totally shocked when their names were announced, and I couldn’t stop laughing! Gotcha sis! 🙂


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