Bahamas Disney Cruise {Part II: Nassau}

Our first port on the Bahamas cruise was Nassau. We opted to spend the day at Atlantis, since they boast to have some of the most thrilling water slides in the world.

The resort itself felt somewhat dated, and it wasn’t maintained very well, but that didn’t bother the girls at all. From the minute we arrived, they were in their swimsuits and ready to dive into the water!





Bridgette's "can we stop taking photos so I can jump into the water" face :)
Bridgette’s “can we stop taking photos so I can jump into the water” face 🙂
Finally in their happy place!
Finally in their happy place!


nassau3DSC_5348nassau4I have to admit, the water slides at Atlantis were indeed the most thrilling that I’ve ever been on. Some were a straight 90 degrees vertical drop! One of my favorite slides was an acrylic tube that took you through a shark-filled lagoon. Surprisingly, the girls were adventurous enough to go on most of the slides, including the ones with a vertical drop. The Abyss was the scariest one of all, and Bridgette ended up backing out in the end, but Brianne braved it with the rest of us! 


When the girls were done with the slides, they wanted to try the lazy river. We each got our own inner tube, ready to relax in the river. Unbeknownst to any of us, this lazy river was not so lazy at all! After the first section of calm water, it suddenly became a white rapid river. Caught off guard, I was immediately thrown off my inner tube and into the rapids, unable to catch my breath the first few seconds. My maternal instinct kicked in right away and I frantically tried to regain my stability while looking for the girls to be sure they were alright, since they weren’t wearing any life jackets. Luckily, they were able to stay afloat on their tubes. We quickly made a pitstop at the next exit to put life jackets on them before continuing down the river. Once we knew what we were in for and that the girls were safe in their life jackets, it was a whole lot of fun!

The deceivingly calm river!
A part of the deceivingly calm river!

We caught the last shuttle back on the ship in the late afternoon, and the girls were ready to hit the Oceaneer Lab right away. As for Mimi, Brian, Alan and I? We got to enjoy champagne in the very cool Star-Wars inspired champagne lounge, Pink, to decompress!

DSC_5387disneydream17disneydream18That night was our “dress up” night for dinner, and the girls loved getting dolled up for it. We ate in the Animator’s Palate, and loved being entertained by Nemo and his friends throughout dinner.



Next port, Disney’s private island–Castaway Cay! 🙂


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