B + B’s Photoshoot

I grew up in a family that was big on picture-taking, and I’m so grateful for that because I love reliving old memories through the thousands of albums and frames that my parents keep around their house. I naturally took after my dad in this area, and am the official photographer, editor, album-maker, blogger in our household…..all in hopes that we can preserve the beautiful memories of our family for Bridgette and future generations to come.

Therefore, after my wedding season ended this year, I decided to collaborate with a few of my industry friends to do a styled photoshoot for Brianne and Bridgette. They are growing up at the blink of an eye, and I really wanted to capture their playfulness and innocence on film.

We had about 2 weeks to plan this shoot, as our photographer, Lisa Lefkowitz, was nearing her pregnancy due date and ready to pop any minute! 🙂 I wanted to involve the girls during the planning, so they understood what it meant to be a model. For the past few months, Bridgette’s aspiration was to be a “fashion girl” and “rock star” when she grew up. I wanted her to know that behind the glamour that she sees, there are also a whole lot of sweat and tears!

I took the girls to several different fittings around town, trying on a ton of different outfits, including shoes and accessories. In the beginning, it was fun for them, but they slowly saw how tiring it was. I reminded them that this was all a part of a “fashion girl’s” job.

Trying on different outfits at Zara

Left: The amount of props hoarded a good portion of our family room | Joey styling Brianne on the day of the shoot
Their favorite part–getting dolled up!

The shoot took place at the Horse Park in Woodside (Note: for those that are interested in this site, special permitting is required for shooting there, so be sure to call and inquire ahead of time) which was a really nice canvas for our concepts, but challenging as it was one big open dirt field. We started in the late afternoon for better lighting, but eventually had to race against time for the last part of the shoot as we lost light rather quickly once the sun began to set. All in all, the shoot itself took about 3.5 hours, and by the end, the girls made a unanimous decision. They no longer wanted to be fashion girls when they grew up…

Thank you Lisa, Andrew, Gloria, and Joey for your collaboration on this special project!!

Spring Picnic: Two BFFs, enjoying a leisurely afternoon with a sweets-only picnic in the country side. Lots of chatters, laughs, and sweets for these innocent souls…

For those that wonder, the wardrobe from Spring Picnic is from Zara. Picnic blanket is a Scallop Voile Quilt in petal pink from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, the antique floral shams are also from the same place. The mint and coral crinkled wheel sets are from BHLDN. The petite cake stands, ice cream bowls, and teacups with saucers are from Rosanna, Inc. As for the sweets, we got the mini cupcakes from Kara’s, the macarons from Chantal Guillon in Hayes Valley, and the pink rosettes from Miette.

Candy Pop: Bright, vibrant colors to bring out the fun, energetic personalities of these two vivacious girls

Their Candy Pop wardrobe was from J Crew, the swirly pops were from Miette, and the giant balloons were from Diddam’s.

Fall Dress Up: A tribute to the girls’ love for fashion and dress up at this age!

The Fall Dress Up wardrobe was from Zara, vanity and coat tree from Pottery Barn Kids, hats from Nordstrom, jewelry bowls from Anthropologie.

All images by Lisa Lefkowitz. Styling by Gloria Wong. Makeup + Hair by Joey Cheung. We’re looking forward to seeing the video from Studio MSV! 🙂

I just have to mention that we had a fourth concept which sadly, we weren’t able to put into fruition because we were unable to find the perfect summer dresses to go with an amazingly adorable quilted kite that Loveybugdesigns custom made for us. So, even though I said I would never do another shoot like this again, I think I’ll have to make an exception to do just one more with that kite next year. 🙂

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