Apple Hill, Part III.

This is my third and final post on our Apple Hill trip! After a low-key morning at Eden Vale Inn, we exchanged farewells with our new friends there, and drove toward the farms of Apple Hill once again. We didn’t have much time left, so we strategically picked our routing and stops based on reviews that I read online. Our first stop was Grandpa’s Cellar, where we had apple strudel for a part of our lunch! 🙂

Our stop there was brief, as the apple trees in the orchard were off-limits. There was a small gift shop on the property but didn’t appear to be very kids-friendly, so we didn’t spend much time perusing. The girls were more interested in the apples anyway…

Our second stop was Apple Ridge Farms and it was a lot more entertaining! There was a small animal farm on site, a hay maze, a pumpkin patch, and various art and craft booths selling handmade items. We hung out there for awhile to let the girls explore, ending with the hay maze that took them some time to navigate through! 🙂

Hello there, little lamb!

Counting the eggs in this chicken coop

Ginormous apple pies!
The kids loved climbing all over that big tractor
It was hilarious to watch them bump into the dead ends 🙂

Our last stop before heading home was Denver Dan’s Apple Patch, one of the few farms that allowed patrons to actually pick their own apples from the apple trees. We were all very excited about that, as somehow, driving all the way to Apple Hill and buying already picked apples from a large crate just did not seem that cool. We wanted to pick our own apples! Denver Dan’s was a great place for just that…

Taste tests are important 🙂

And with that, we wrapped up our lovely Apple Hill trip and made our way home with 20 lbs of sweet apples in our trunk…


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