Go Giants!

My sister’s business partner Tony treated her and the girls to an awesome Giants game tonight. They got VIP seats in the suite with the full treatment–what a way for Brianne and Bridgette to enjoy the experience! This was Brianne’s first game and Bridgette’s second, though Bridgette claims to have zero recollection of her first game at the age of 3.

I dropped my sister and the girls off at the Caltrain station in Belmont, where they started off on their first adventure–riding the train to S.F.!

According to my sister, Brianne was very much into the game, while Bridgette was more keen on chowing down the fries, hot dog, nachos and soda offered to her. 🙂





Thanks Uncle Tony, for such a delightful treat for the girls in the middle of the week! Next time when you have suite tickets again, please be sure to invite me too!

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