Fall Is Upon Us

It feels like we were just “springing forward” yesterday, and already, it’s time to “fall back”. Summer has come and gone, and the the greens on our trees are slowly turning into an orangey red color. Fortunately, the weather is still warm here in the peninsula, spoiling us with daily outings in our lovely neighborhood. The girls walk to and from school every day, and though the walk should only take 10 minutes, it usually takes us more like 45 minutes because they love exploring along the way.

I am usually the one to pick them up from school each day, and as I strolled home with them yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking how everything looks, smells, and feels better when I am in a state of calm and balance. There was no rush to get the girls from Point A to Point B, no anxiety in rushing home to finish my work, and no stress about what to cook for dinner. I realize it’s a luxury, but it’s also a self-discipline. It’s retraining ourselves to prioritize differently. These days, I make time for the one thing that seems to give me the inner peace that I need–yoga. I also find ways to work in a more focused and productive manner, so that when it comes time to pick the kids up mid-afternoon, I can really be “off” for them, and for me. I still do email here and there in the evenings, but I mostly make myself available to play with the girls, help them with their homework, chat with my hubby and sister, and to read and watch t.v. (my “me” time!). Ofcourse, having the girls’ nanny help with the bulk of the cooking and housework is likely the major component for my newfound sanity, but I am finding new ways to work smarter for my business!

Scouting for dandelions

Made a discovery!

Making a wish with her dandelion

End of summer also means the end of our beloved farmer’s market around here, including our favorite summer fruits. We stocked up this week, and savored everything the market had to offer, knowing that we will have to say goodbye to it in just one week….

She’s been wanting to try the face painting at the Farmer’s Market the whole summer!

Although we love the summer months that are full of sunshine, pools, and sweet peaches, we’re also excited for the activities that only Fall, or as I like to call it, Autumn, can offer–pumpkin patches, comfort food, and the girls’ much anticipated holiday–Halloween!

Welcome, Autumn!

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