Best of Friends

I can’t express how happy it makes me feel to see Brianne and Bridgette together. They are two peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, or quite simply….BFFs. Despite the physical distance between our homes, they seem to only grow closer to one another year after year. I realize now that it is the very distance between our homes that has trained them to greatly cherish the short amount of time that they have with each other.

Their personalities are vastly different–Brianne is the older, wiser, more mature one who constantly teaches Bridgette from right to wrong on day to day matters. The tone of voice that she often uses with Bridgette mimics one of a mother, and she says things like “Bridgette, did you remember to say thank you?” Always proper and polite, Brianne is the big sister that Bridgette never had.

Bridgette, on the other hand, is the vivacious, adventurous little sister that brings out the fun and creativity in Brianne. She encourages Brianne to “come out of her shell” and to act like a total ham, just like herself. They complement each other in many ways, and get along splendidly well for the most part. They love each other like siblings, but they also annoy each other like siblings. It is a very healthy, beautiful relationship that they have, and I can only hope that it will be one to grow and flourish as time passes.

When they are together, they have endless topics to chat about. They can literally talk for hours about anything and everything. Some of their conversations are hilarious, and others, quite touching. It is one of the greatest joys in my life right now, to be watching Brianne and Bridgette grow up. I treat Brianne as if she’s my own daughter, and love her immensely. Brianne tells me that I am the Aunt that she fears (because I do not hesitate to discipline her when the situations calls for it), but loves. 🙂

Gosh, how I love these two faces!! I especially love it when I see them huddling in a corner, whispering secrets in each other’s ears, then covering their mouths to contain their laughter. Or, when they make what they call “cute faces” (see photos right below), which actually looks more like a puppy face to me! 🙂

There isn’t a day where we aren’t asked by random strangers on the street if Brianne and Bridgette are twins. I suppose it’s because they often dress in identical outfits, and are so close in age. I definitely see the resemblance. People are always shocked to find out that Bridgette is the younger one, simply because she is taller, bigger.

I know that inevitably, as Brianne and Bridgette grow up on separate spheres of the earth, they will become busier with their own lives…their schoolwork, their social activities, their own passions and interests. They will be engrossed and focused on their own futures, having less time to see one another. But I hope they will never be too busy to stay in touch, and to know that no matter how busy life gets, and no matter where life takes them, they should always make time to nourish the friendships and relationships in their lives. Because when our life comes to an end, we will realize that it all comes down to the precious relationships in our lives. Here is a great article on the top 5 regrets that people have on their deathbeds.

Love you so much, my two baby cakes!

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