There is a common phrase that mothers like to express in unison.

“Where did the time go?”

I look at Bridgette every day, and am unsure how exactly she got to be 4 and a half years old at what seemed to be like the blink of an eye. When I was pregnant with her, my family, friends, and even random strangers all offered one consistent advice:

“Cherish every moment with your baby; they grow up so fast!”

At the time, I would smile and nod politely in agreement, as if I knew just what they were talking about. Well, now I can honestly say that I do. It seems as if every time I turn around, Bridgette has grown a little more. There are nights where I lay in bed dreaming and wishing that I can stop time, or at least slow it down, so that I can take it all in, every single bit of her. Like the things that she says to make us laugh until our belly aches…

“Mommy, I love you more than most. But I love daddy most than more.”

As of last night, I have accepted the fact that the clock is only going to move forward and not backward; therefore I must embrace the wisdom that everyone shared with me to cherish the time that I do have with my family.

Young children have no concept of time. While that may often leave us flustered and annoyed because it takes three times as long to get them ready and out the door,  it is actually a blessing in disguise. I am usually very focused with my objectives. I need to get us from Point A to Point B, therefore we put on our shoes, get into the car, buckle up, and drive as quickly and safely as possible to arrive punctually to our destination. Children’s brains operate differently. Bridgette likes to spend a few minutes searching for a rainbow in the sky, or finding a ladybug to rescue, all before she gets into the car. Then, she presses her face against the window to watch the leaves fall, while I ask for the fourth time for her to sit in her car seat and be buckled up so that we can leave. During the drive, I have a tunnel vision of the road in front of me while keeping a close eye on the clock to make sure we won’t be late. Bridgette, on the other hand, makes comments like

“Oh, look at those pretty trees mommy, their shapes are like Christmas trees!”

“Did you see that family of birds? I think they are flying home”

Lately, I am beginning to see the beauty of such “delays” on a daily basis. To help myself adjust, I now cushion in 20-30 minutes whenever we are trying to go somewhere. By leaving that much earlier, the sense of rush and urgency dissipate, and I am able to appreciate Bridgette’s exploration of this world. We have time to notice the leaves turning a reddish, orange shade for autumn, the way dandelions’ seeds resemble parachutes taking off when we blow into them, and the changing shape of the moon at night.

If you have kids and you haven’t seen the movie Click, you should. The moral behind this movie is excellent, and can really shift your perspective on what’s really important in life.

Enjoy the moments with your loved ones…

(Apologies for the not-so-good quality of some of the iphone photos above)

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