This Moment

There are many times throughout that day where I would stop what I am doing and look at Bridgette, completely mesmerized that this beautiful, vivacious beam of sunshine is whom I can call my daughter. What have I done to deserve this wonderful little being in my life?

Bridgette, although I have only known you for five and a half years, I feel as though you’ve always been a part of me for the past 34 years. You have filled my heart up in a way that makes me so complete. Many people say that you are a carbon copy of me when I was a child, but I see so much of both your daddy and myself in you. I love the way the corner of your eyes scrunch up when you smile, just like your daddy. I love your spontaneous and curious nature, just like me. I also see you as you, Bridgette Madeline Leung, a loving, compassionate girl, unafraid to explore all that life has to offer. We are so proud of you, and love you more than words can express….

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