Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats + Strawberry Pie

Day 4! With Bridgette in school and Alan at work, I had the entire day with Serena and Katherine to myself, which was terrific because we got to chat quite a bit. I love being with the girls so much!

We started out with lunch at Shabuway, where I introduced to them the Japanese style of ‘hot pot’. They loved the high quality kobe beef, and had fun ‘swishing’ it in their own pots.

The temperature climbed up to the 80’s by the time lunch was over, so I treated the girls to their favorite scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Then, we headed off to Malibu Castle Golf and Games in Redwood City for some miniature golf and bumper boats fun.

After soaking up the sun, we went to Target to get some supplies for the girls, who will be going to summer camp in Beijing next week. After that, we picked Bridgette up from school and met up with Alan at our favorite sushi joint–Sushi Sam in San Mateo. The girls were in sushi heaven that night.

We went home, but after parking the car in the garage, we couldn’t resist staying outside just a little bit longer to soak up the warm breeze of the evening. The girls took turns riding the scooter around the block to look for rabbits (we saw 2!), sketching each other on the sidewalk with our brand new chalk, practicing their rock skidding in the lagoon, and attempting to do a few pull ups. Alan decided to put on his dusty roller blades and came at me with full speed. He intended to swivel right just before he would hit me, to scare me, but ofcourse my natural instinct was also to get the hell out of his way. So, he ended up taking a bad fall on the concrete. Oops.

That last shot on the right was just before he took his big tumble...

When we finally went back inside, I got the kids to help make a strawberry pie which we all got to enjoy, along with fresh strawberries and chocolate fondue! Yum!




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