Raging Waters

We decided to kick start our holiday weekend with a visit to Bridgette’s favorite place–Raging Waters. With temperatures up to 90 degrees today, it was the perfect day to be in the water!

Breakfast at McDonald's in the morning

The girls hit the slides right away. Katherine proved to be pretty fearless, while Serena needed a little push to go beyond her comfort zone. All in all though, they were both brave girls!

Serena and Katherine braving one of the bigger slides!

Serena and Katherine helped us to watch after Bridgette at times, playing with her in the water and being very gentle and caring with her. They are really like ‘big sisters’ for Bridgette, and Bridgette loved being around them!

This was one of their favorite slides together!

Bridgette’s friends, Karina and Chloe, were also at the water park with us, and they all had an absolute blast!

Bridgette swimming like a fish in the water
Serena and Katherine helping Bridgette with her goggles
Serena taking a hot dog break

Here, Bridgette is dancing to Lady Gaga's Poker Face!

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