Welcome Serena and Katherine!

We are ecstatic to welcome my two cousins, Serena and Katherine, from Puerto Rico tonight! They are visiting us for a week, before going to Hong Kong and Beijing for summer camp. When I was pregnant with Bridgette 5 years ago, Serena came to stay with us for the summer, and I still recall the good times we managed to sneak in that summer in between all my morning sickness!

Serena is 12 years old now, and Katherine is 8. I’m in complete disbelief that they have grown so much! I saw them last year when Alan and I went to Puerto Rico, but one year does make a big difference for kids. Even though Serena is nearly as tall as me now, I cannot help babying her, because she will always remain a little girl in my heart. I guess that’s how I’ll be feeling about Bridgette too as she grows up…

We are looking forward to a fun-filled week with all 3 girls, exactly 4 years apart each at 4, 8, and 12! 🙂

Left: Bridgette all dressed up eagerly waiting for her aunts' arrival | Right: Serena and Katherine being escorted out by a Delta staff member
Hugs all around!
Bridgette photographing Katherine and her big bowl of noodles
Katherine posing for Bridgette
Katherine reading a bedtime story to Bridgette, so sweet!

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