Bridgette and I are so blessed to be traveling all over the world this year. Although she may not have any recollection of our trips, the traveling has helped her to adapt easily to change. Whether it’s a different time zone, a different group of family/friends, or a different climate, Bridgette has transitioned quite easily from one to the next. We are so proud of our little girl who is undoubtedly growing up as her own independent being, full of character and personality at a young age. What surprised us the most was how easily she came home and bounced right back to her normal routine. Never for a moment did she whine or hesitate about going back to school, even after two weeks of undisciplined fun and excitement. Hopefully, these are all positive signs of her being a secure and strong person. Parenting is really the hardest job in the world, and to do it right takes discipline, patience, and intuition. Although we read all kinds of parenting advice in books, magazines, and on the internet, ultimately we know we need to trust our instincts because every child is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula. There are days that we wish for a shortcut, or an instructional manual, but we recognize that nobody knows our child better than us.

Our recent trip to London was enriching for many reasons. I loved experiencing the culture of another country. Both Bridgette and I got to spend a lot of quality time with people that means a lot to me. Chung Por Por, Auntie Betty, Uncle Steve and their family were all influential people in my childhood, and I have established a strong bond with them during the first five years of my life when they watched after me while my parents worked. To me, they are like family, so it made me happy that Bridgette had the opportunity to get to know them as well.

Children have a very sensitive and genuine heart. You can’t force them to like someone. You can teach them to be polite, and to have manners, but you can’t teach them how to bond with somebody. It is an organic process that comes from the heart. Since I was just 60 days old, I established an unexplainable bond with the Chung family, and that has carried on for the past 30+ years. It didn’t surprise me then, that Bridgette felt immediately bonded to them as well.

Although we were disappointed that Alan couldn’t join us in London as we had originally planned, we thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks there. Thank you so much to Betty, Steve, and Karen for hosting us!

Bridgette and I waiting for the 'tube' (aka underground train) in London
Chung Ma Ma, Bridgette and I in front of the Tower Bridge
Bridgette and I with the London Eye behind us
Big Ben and Westminster Abbey
The soft serve ice cream cones in London were DELICIOUS!
Left: Canterbury | Right: London Chinatown
Left: Keith reading a princess story to Bridgette the Cinderella | Right: Snow White Bridgette with Nikki Je Je
Bridgette and Chung Por Por in front of the Millenium Bridge
Left: Bridgette with the British style Fish & Chips | Right: All that walking in London clearly exhausted Bridgette! Thank God for strollers...
Enjoying the English tradition of 'Afternoon Tea'


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