Home Sweet Home

Bridgette and I love traveling, and we’ve been doing that a lot this year. However, we always come home with the thought that the Bay Area really is the best place to live. As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz said, ‘There is no place like home…”

Upon our return from the UK last week, we jumped right back into our ‘routine’ here. The great thing about Bridgette becoming a world traveler is that it has trained her to be very independent and adaptable. She has no issues transitioning into different time zones, climates, and environments. While away, she doesn’t complain about being homesick. She really lives in the moment! I can learn a thing or two about that from her…

That said, we were both still happy to be home. With hardly any jet lag, we headed to the Farmer’s Market the very next morning to stock our kitchen up with fresh produce and fruits! Going to the Farmer’s Market is one of our favorite activities, because we love sampling the sweet fruit 🙂

Over the weekend, we caught up with some quality time with our families. Bridgette even got to play with her aunt and uncle’s cat Pillow!

We ended our weekend with a creative session…on our driveway! After an early dinner on Sunday, we decided to absorb the remaining daylight and released our artistic urges with a chalk-drawing session right outside our house. Bridgette created her own version of hopscotch on the sidewalk, and we had a great time drawing, coloring, and playing hopscotch.

Bridgette and I demonstrated great team work here, creating this special rainbow ice cream cone!

Cupcake and lollipop for Bridgette, diamond ring for mommy (by Alan) ^_^

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