My Beijing Trip Part III.

After two full days of sightseeing, Vivian and I decided to take a break and had a 3 hour massage, which turned out to be quite heavenly! After that, we had renewed energy to shop for the rest of the afternoon, followed by another wonderful dinner with their friends.

After that rejuvenating spa day, we booked a car and chauffeur the next day to journey us off to the Great Wall of China! I was super excited, for I have been yearning to visit the Great Wall since I was a little girl.

One of my favorite parts of the Great Wall was the slide that took us back to the bottom at the end of our hike. It definitely got my adrenaline going for a bit!

Here, you can see a part of the slide

You get to control your own speed, but you’re going downhill the entire way, with a lot of twists and turns!

After half a day at the Great Wall, we then went to the Summer Palace, the largest royal garden in China. We went on a really warm, beautiful day, so the 290-acre imperial garden was filled with tourists.

We then proceeded to walk the commercial streets of Wangfujing, which was eye opening for me as I witnessed people eating fried scorpions, beetles, geckos, and other really grotesque things!

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