The Big Birthday Bash

As I mentioned in a previous post, the beginning and end of each year is always a crazy busy time for our family. Beginning with Halloween through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, there are always lots of parties, crafting, traveling, and projects going on. You’d think life will slow down after the new year, but not in our household. Birthdays (lots of them!) in the family and Valentine’s Day continue to keep us on our toes. Not to mention January and February are some of my busiest months to meet with prospective clients and book weddings! It’s hard to stop and catch our breath, and for these reasons, I have not been able to give proper attention in planning Bridgette’s birthday parties for the past 4 years. This year, I vowed to start early (failed!) and to give it as much TLC as my weddings (success!).

All my friends know that I have a sweet tooth, so it comes as no surprise that my daughter has an even sweeter tooth. She’s all about cakes and macarons and chocolate, as well as tiaras and wands and princesses, so I decided to do a modern version of a tea party for her birthday this year. We called it ‘Tulips and Tiaras Tea Party” (tulips because it’s my favorite flower!).

There were a ton of DIY projects for Bridgette’s party, most of which were inspired by a brand new book name Handmade Weddings, gifted to me by the author herself–Sabrina Moyle of Hello! Lucky. I’ve known Sabrina for several years now, and she is one of the most talented gals I’ve met in this industry. We have collaborated on lovely weddings together, and I so admire her creativity! Her new book is full of wonderful handcraft ideas for weddings and events, and I couldn’t stop pouring over it page by page…

I recruited my cousin Jacqueline to assist with a lot of the craft projects (thank you MJ!) and she can now proudly boast that she is a pinwheel expert! Thank you also to Joey for helping with the tea sandwiches, and for being the stylist for Bridgette and I that day. Lots of love to our families for helping, our friends for making the party fun and memorable, and to the fabulous Chung Li for the beautiful images. Chung was invited as a guest to this party and ended up being our photographer…thanks Chung!

Last, but not least, big kudos go to my hubby! He always manages to stay calm even when I have the wildest ideas (Honey, we need drapery and rentals for Bridgette’s party, and I think we should tent the backyard to keep people warm!) and despite the fact that he may not agree with all of my ideas, he always ends up doing the bulk of the work when it comes time to execute. Oh, and he helps foot the bills too, that’s very important! 🙂

Birthday cake by Butterfly Cakes, and macarons by Paulette

Rentals and Drapery by Classic Party Rentals (don't you just love the kids size chiavari chairs?)

Bridgette accessorized herself once again...
Bridgette taking a peek at the chocolate fountain
Bridgette and her BFFs
Lots and lots of babies and children!
Bridgette got her own 'house' as one of her birthday gifts this year, from my sister and brother in law. All the kids (and Jacqueline) LOVED it!
Another popular gift amongst the kids, from Alan's brother and sister in law, but it did take some effort to pump this ball up!
Bridgette couldn't get enough of this fun ball, but look at what it did to her hair! Too funny!
Happy Birthday Bridgette!

Bridgette's baby friends Saria and Angelina

Love this photo of Bridgette making a wish, and her friends hurrying her to blow out the candles!
Bridgette's favorite moment of the whole birthday party
Bridgette and her Gung Gung (grandpa). Too bad Por Por (grandma) couldn't make it to the party this year.
Bridgette striking a pose with her grandparents
More tiaras and wands!
Pinata time!

Thank you again to all our friends and families that came to celebrate Bridgette’s 4th birthday.

All images above by Chung Li

Additional thanks to:

Prascilla Lau of Cooking Papa, Sue Leggett of Classic Party Rentals, Sonya Hong of Butterfly Cakes, Gloria Wong Tritasavit of Gloria Wong Design (for lending me all her cake stands!)

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