Dinner at Robuchon

Tonight, my sister and brother in law treated us to an amazing dinner at Le Jardin de Joel Robuchon. I have been wanting to try their restaurants out forever, but never had the chance yet! We got a small private dining room which worked out perfectly with the kids, as we didn’t have to restrict them to their chairs the entire time. I really wanted to try their tasting menu, but it didn’t seem feasible to ask the kids to sit through a 4 hour dinner, so I will have to go back another time with Alan on our own to try that…maybe in Vegas?

Everything was absolutely, amazingly delicious! I ordered the foie gras mini burgers as my appetizer, and the slow cooked duck breast and foie gras garnished with season’s fruits for my entree. Both were fantastic! We ordered a variety of desserts to share, and they were all very decadent, yum!

This was suppose to be a picture of Alan and I, but the kids playfully sneaked into the frame! Too cute!
I love how Bridgette likes to press her face against mine when I ask her to take a picture with me!
Bridgette enjoying her amuse bouche. That bread stick she is ready to put in her mouth has bacon fat wrapped around it!
My foie gras sliders, super yummy!
Slow cooked duck breast and foie gras garnished with season’s fruits
This was a special pigeon that Alan ordered as his entree
Maine lobster in sherry vinegar mayonnaise over iceberg lettuce
Maine lobster with caramelized cauliflower and Tamarin cream sauce
Chocolate molten cake with a pistachio sorbet
Le Souffle
Alan’s favorite–Napoleon!

Chestnut ice cream with aged rum sponge cake and crunchy pearls
The inside of the chestnut ice cream sponge cake–my favorite of that evening!
Ofcourse, we had to end with some petit fours!
Acting a little goofy after a bottle of wine (Alan and I ofcourse, not the kids!)

The kids even got a little surprise gift–sponge cake from Robuchon to take home with them!

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