My Bumble Bee Princess

Bridgette is SO into princesses this year that I thought it’d be impossible to convince her to be anything other than a princess for Halloween. Surprisingly, when we saw this really cute bumble bee costume at TJ Maxx, she willingly agreed with me that it would be fun to be a bumble bee this year. Eventually though, she was convinced that she wasn’t just a bumble bee, but rather, she was a bumble bee princess.

We spent Halloween in Hong Kong this year, and attended a Ronald McDonald event at a mall in Shatin. Bridgette’s cousin Brianne was dressed as the True Princess character from Dora the Explorer, though she refused to let me photograph her that day. Bridgette and Brianne, along with about a hundred other kids, sang songs and danced with Ronald McDonald.

We had planned to go back to the Bel-Air complex, where my sister’s family lives, to trick or treat that evening. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to, so Bridgette was a bit disappointed that she did not get to collect her candies this year! We also did not get to carve our jack-o-lanterns as we did last year. This is Bridgette’s second Halloween in Hong Kong, and so far she’s been disappointed both times. I think we’ll spent Halloween in the US next year so we can keep all those traditions that we love!

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