Michael and Esther’s Wedding

We are always super excited when we are invited to a wedding these days, because that doesn’t happen very often. Last week, we got to attend my cousin Michael’s wedding at the Boundary Oaks Golf Club in Walnut Creek. The best part about weddings is always the opportunity to gather with families and friends, and this time was no exception.

Michael was the baby of all the cousins I grew up with. It felt sentimental to see him all grown up and starting his own family! It’s occasions like these that make you realize how fleeting time is, and how we need to cherish what we have now before they become memories tomorrow.

 We got to see all of our close families at the wedding, including my dad’s eldest brother who lives in New Orleans whom we don’t get to see too often. I love any opportunities to hang out with my cousins, and Bridgette felt the same with hers!  

 Of course, when there’s a photo booth, it’s the perfect excuse to prop out and get goofy, no matter your age group! And we did just that! 

 As we tired out and were ready to wind down for the evening, the kids were still hyped up on the dance floor. Love their energy even though it’s hard for us to keep up sometimes! 🙂 

 Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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