Bridgette’s Quote of the Day

This was from about 2 years ago, when Brianne and Bridgette were 6. They had a friend over for a playdate, and I happened to have overheard this conversation between them.

Bridgette and Friend: What’s wrong Brianne?
Brianne: I want my mommy. I wanted to go with her but she said no.
Bridgette: I know how you feel. It’s very painful, right?
Brianne: Yes! Soooo painful! 
Friend: I understand too. My mommy once had to go on a trial and…..
Bridgette interrupts: What’s a trial?
Friend: It’s when she has to go to court to defend someone. Anyway she had to go to a trial far away, for like….TWO YEARS! 
Friend: Yes, I was sooooooo sad and I really wanted to go with her but she said no.
Bridgette: The parents, they alway say no right? They just don’t understand! 
Friend: They don’t! They don’t understand our feelings at all. They don’t realize how much we want to be with our mommies! We need our mommies!
Bridgette: And my daddy….he’s like ALWAYS on the phone for work, for HOURS! 
Friend: Hours? Wow, do you know how many hours?
Bridgette: I don’t know, like a hundred? Right Brianne?
Brianne: No it’s not a hundred hours Bridgette. That would be a really long time. Maybe like 2 hours.
Bridgette: Oh.
Friend: 2 hours is a long time too, to be on the phone
Collective, dramatic sigh
Then they started singing Puff the Magic Dragon…..

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