Daddy/Daughter Day

Bridgette and I spend a lot of time together. Since I’m able to pick her up from school on most days, our afternoons are often spent together doing fun things like going to the library/book store, having impromptu picnics, or hanging out at the Farmer’s Market.

Alan, being more bounded by an “office job”, doesn’t get nearly as much face time with Bridgette than I do. He tries to spend as much time as possible in the evenings with her, but it’s never enough for Bridgette, who adores her daddy like crazy. So, when I have weddings on the weekend, the two of them are always planning fun daddy/daughter outings together! Last weekend was no exception. Alan, in his research online, found a festival over in Concord that he thought would be fun, and it was in fact SO MUCH FUN that the two ended up spending the entire afternoon there. He texted me photos throughout the day and though I missed them muchos and wished I could’ve been there, I was always really happy to give them their time alone with one another. 


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