Second Grade Happenings

In just a few weeks, second grade will be coming to an end for Bridgette. This school year has zoomed by! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Bridgette’s classmates through my volunteer time in her classroom and on field trips. It’s interesting to me to see the vastly different personalities amongst the children, and the dynamics between them. I’m usually mentally exhausted after volunteering for one hour in the classroom because honestly, attending to each child’s need is extremely challenging. Questions have to be answered, conflicts have to be resolved, and knowledge has to be taught. I don’t know how teachers do it on a day to day basis with so many children in one classroom!! No wonder they have to be bounded by “processes” and “curriculums.” It would be virtually impossible to provide individual attention to each child within such a short amount of time. The only way to scale is to streamline and to follow pre-established guidelines. Not a great way to promote and foster children’s creativity but I can understand why our education system has come to this point.

For the most part Bridgette has enjoyed her school year as a second grader. Her favorite subject is social studies, and she has established a true love for reading. She calls herself a “bookworm who’s not a worm.” She also loves music class, P.E., and ofcourse, recess. I pick her up from school most days, and the highlight of my day is riding my bike home with her sitting behind me, telling me about her day. I’m blessed that she trusts and confides in me immensely, often asking me for advice in all areas. I hope we will always be able to communicate this openly and honestly with one another.

Last night was open house, and we got to tour her classroom to see some of the children’s recent schoolwork.

Loved that her “Flat Bridgette” made it back to Redwood Shores all the way from Tokyo! Thanks Alice!!

Today, all the second graders had a music performance and sang some of the songs they learned this semester. Their favorite one was Roar by Katy Perry!

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