Hong Kong + Singapore Trip

Back in January, I surprised my sis once again for her 40th birthday. We had plans to go to Tokyo together with our cousins later in the month, but unbeknownst to her, my ticket included a stopover in Hong Kong beforehand so that I could be physically present on her big 4-0! After all the surprises I had planned leading up to her milestone birthday, I ofcourse needed to actually be there on the day-of! 🙂

Coincidentally, my mom’s Chinese birthday fell on January 10th this year, 2 days prior to Mimi’s. This created some complexity in my planning, because my original idea was to show up in church on the 11th to hear Mimi sing. Since I also wanted to celebrate my mom’s birthday while in Hong Kong, I decided to bump my surprise up by showing up spontaneously at my mom’s birthday dinner on the 10th. To successfully pull that off, I needed an insider to help me, and naturally, I recruited my brother in law Brian for the job. It definitely took some planning and coordination, but the jaw dropping faces of my parents, Mimi, and Brianne were well worth it, haha!


Alan arrived later that evening, and the next day, we all went to church together. It was Mimi’s first time to sing in church, and as I watched her up there, I found myself getting teary eyed because I was so happy for whom she has become ever since she followed God’s path. I was overjoyed to be there to witness such a special moment for her as she praised God with her beautiful voice.


We only had a couple of days in Hong Kong this time, so Alan made it a point to eat 10 meals a day in order to fulfill his appetite for the yummy food there.IMG_3871


IMG_3836 IMG_3828IMG_4188We also got to attend our beloved Brianne’s 8th birthday party!


After our short stay in Hong Kong, Alan and I flew to Singapore with our friend Sheena, to visit our friends Vivian and Kenny there for several days. We didn’t have much agenda for this trip other than to catch up with Vivian and Kenny, and to eat, so that’s exactly what we did. From morning to night, we ate, ate, and ate some more.


Durian ice cream with wafer–soooo good!


I was definitely on a mission to find the best freshest, most delicious durians on the trip
I was definitely on a mission to find the best freshest, most delicious durians on the trip



Thank God we did some sightseeing and ended up walking quite a bit, as otherwise none of our clothes would’ve fitted by the time we left Singapore!



Got to experience the subways there as well
Got to experience the subways there as well

All in all, it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones during our short stay in Singapore. It’s definitely one of those places that I wouldn’t intentionally travel to, since there’s not much to do, but I’ll most likely go back if Vivian and Kenny stays there because they take us to the best places to stuff our faces! 🙂

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