Bridgette turns 8!

My baby recently turned 8, and it did not go unnoticed that she will be entering her double digits in just 2 years time. Wow. I still need to process what this means. My baby becoming a teenager? Adolescent? It doesn’t seem possible because I could’ve sworn she was just cooing in my arms yesterday.

I still remember Bridgette as a newborn, and how each night seemed to last forever because I had to keep waking up every 2 hours to feed her. The days/nights are long with a baby, but the years whiz right by. And here she is…8 years old and the most remarkable little lady I know. I’m smiling as I type this, just thinking of her funny nature, joyful spirit, and caring heart. What a blessing from God to have her as my daughter!

Bridgette’s birthday falls on mid-winter break every year, which means she’s off school the entire week. For the last two years, I’ve allowed her to pick between having a birthday party or a trip. Last year, she chose to go to Disneyland with her friend Karina. This year, she chose to travel again, even though I wouldn’t tell her where we were going. Despite it being a birthday trip, we still implemented a point system for her to earn points by doing extra chores around the house. To “earn” this birthday trip, she needed to have 20 points, and she made it by helping me to prepare and cook dinner, shop for groceries, sort mail, and a bunch of other tasks. 🙂

Bridgette’s birthday trip was a 7-day trip to Hawaii with mommy, Mimi, and Brianne. Hawaii is one of Bridgette’s favorite places, and she was elated to spend her birthday there, but the best part for her was getting to be with Brianne! I’ll blog about this trip in a separate post.

Happy birthday Bridggy! We love you to the moon and back!








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