Our Year In Review 2014

Happy New Year! Although 2014 wrapped up on a sad note for us as we had to send Mimi, Brian, and Brianne back to Hong Kong just shortly before midnight, we have not forgotten to express our gratitude for a remarkable year. Writing this Year in Review post always helps me to reflect upon the year that just passed, and I feel really blessed to have gone through the roller coaster ride of joy + bliss, tears + heartaches, fun + adventures, and the many learnings along the way…

January–came home from our month long trip to Hong Kong/Japan, and settled right back into “home sweet home”, catching up with friends and families. I finally got prescription glasses (though I still need to work on actually wearing them), attended MJ and Peter’s wedding banquet at Cooking Papa, and celebrated Chinese New Year.

January recap 2014February–celebrated my birthday with homemade prime rib, mash potatoes, and brussel sprouts at MJ and Peter’s home. For Bridgette’s birthday, she opted for a trip to Disneyland instead of a birthday party, so off we went with her, her friend Karina, and my mother in law for 2 days of fun and sunshine in Anaheim. On Valentine’s morning, I surprised Bridge and Alan with a lovely breakfast filled with hearts, which Bridge asked to have on a recurring basis, haha. 🙂 On one of the weekends, we left Bridgette behind with her grandparents and drove up to Reno with our cousins for the concert of HK Pop Star Leo Ku, stopping en route for our favorite Top Dog in Berkeley. 

February recap 2014March–The highlight of the month was Alan turning 40! I threw a party for him at home and also planned a staycation for us at the Palace Hotel. 

March recap 2014April–We soaked in all the sunshine of Spring with lots of times spent outdoors. Bridgette began taking an interest in being the sous chef at home and together, we made a lot of easy, but delicious meals.

April recap 2014May–Celebrated Mother’s Day with a special tea in Bridgette’s class, took a weekend trip to Napa with Alan and another weekend trip down to L.A. with MJ and Peter. End the month with a fun annual Memorial Day picnic with our friends! 

May recap 2014

 June–Bridgette finished up first grade and we welcomed Mimi, Brianne and Brian with great excitement. Spent a few days in Orlando, and embarked on our second Disney cruise, this time, to the Bahamas.

June recap 2014_a June recap 2014_b

July–Lots of BBQs, baby showers, and birthday parties with friends and families. Mimi and I took an unexpected trip to Hong Kong for grandma’s funeral, and then took the girls to visit our extended family in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

July recap 2014_a July recap 2014_b

August–Sadly, we bid farewell to Mimi and Brianne after 2 months of fun together. Bridgette and I spent another two weeks together hanging out before she started second grade. Weekends were spent with friends and families ofcourse! 

August recap 2014September–My parents came back for a month, and we laid grandma’s ashes to rest in Colma. Bridgette was thrilled to spend time with her Por Por and Gung Gung! We were also incredibly happy to welcome my niece, Maddison Ng, to our loud, rowdy family!

September recap 2014

October–A nice, low-key month spent volunteering, hanging out with friends, and constantly visiting my new niece Mochi!

October recap 2014

November–The first part of the month was spent here, hiking, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the fall season. For the last two weeks, Bridgette and I packed our bags and headed to Hong Kong to visit our family. Thanksgiving was spent in Okinawa with my mom, Mimi, and Brianne!

November recap 2014

November recap 2014_a November recap 2014_bDecember–Our holidays were spent at home, with lots of family visiting us from Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. So many fun parties and adventures with B&B and my teenage cousins!

December recap 2014

Excited for what’s in store for 2015!!!

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