Hong Kong Trip Nov. 2014 {Part II.}

Continuing with our week in Hong Kong….a few other special moments of our trip included the celebration of my grandpa’s birthday:


Seeing friends (who are like my family) from Canada and London whom I haven’t seen for some time…


Helping my Godmother, who was recently diagnosed with dementia, settle into a nursing home…




Getting to see my Uncle Kenny, who happened to be in Hong Kong for a few days on a business trip…


Bridgette’s favorite British tradition–high tea, with her grandparents. This time, we tried out a new place, Seasons, at Lee Garden II. which was tasty and had a modern presentation, but not as superb as we expected after reading such rave reviews about it.

HongKong26 HongKong27

IMG_7956 IMG_7983We also got to see some of the remaining protests from the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong…


…and I’ll conclude this post with more photos of the fun times that we had on this trip:

IMG_7840 IMG_7856


IMG_1407 IMG_1422 IMG_1452 IMG_1459 IMG_1695

And this last photo below pretty much sums up how our days end in Hong Kong…. 🙂



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