Halloween 2014

Ending my wedding season at the end of September this year meant having adequate time to prepare for Halloween with Bridgette. I gave ourselves a $50 budget this year, and we ended up using less than $40! That meant a lot of DIY projects at home, which made for wonderful family projects after dinner. 🙂



pumpkinpainting1 pumpkinpainting2

We pretty much give Bridgette free reins on how to decorate, while remaining fairly involved in all the projects. This year, she wanted black and silver pumpkins, so black and silver pumpkins she got!


halloweendecorations1 halloweendecorations2

For her costume this year, my cousin Prascilla bought her a stylish witch costume which Bridgette tweaked into her own rendition of a “cool devil” costume. I have to say that I quite liked it, and wanted an adult version for myself!

children_devil_costume1 children_devil_costume2 children_devil_costume3 Even Alan got into the Halloween spirit and dressed himself up as a sushi chef this year! 🙂 Alan’s classmates found him to be hilarious, referring him as the “sushi guy”.


Of all the days to finally rain, it had to be on Halloween this year. But, since we’re in a drought, I’m not going to complain. Any rain on any day is better than no rain considering the seriousness of our drought condition right now.

Due to inclement weather, Bridgette’s Halloween parade at school was moved indoors. Parents huddled closely together in the cafeteria and hallways while the kids paraded in their costumes. I would say 40% of the kids were one of the Frozen sisters, 40% were from Minecraft, and the remaining 20% were “others.” I did have a few favorites, including Bridgette’s best friend Elena, who was Cleopatra, and this adorable boy who was a recycle bin! Very creative!




Our next door neighbors invited us over for dinner that evening, and we took the kids trick or treating together afterwards. Our neighborhood has quite a few houses that goes all out for Halloween, so it’s fun to stay nearby!



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