Mochi’s Baby Photos

Our niece Maddison (nicknamed Mochi) is 1.5 months old! She’s the easiest baby ever as she sleeps soooooo much, and is super mellow. I get my baby fix from her once or twice a week, and I just love holding her in my arms!

This weekend, Mochi came over to our house for the first time, and we did a mini shoot with her in the living room since the lighting was fantastic. She was a really good sport for the first hour as we changed her from mermaid to bunny to sunflower. 🙂 Eventually, she became cranky so we stopped, but I love some of these shots that we took of her:

IMG_6905 IMG_6912

IMG_6937 IMG_6941

IMG_6952 IMG_6958

IMG_6966 IMG_6988 IMG_7023 IMG_7038


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