Scavenger Hunt

We’ve been blessed with a lot of sunshine lately, and we’re totally soaking it all in….every last bit of it. The girls love being outside, and are content staying in our neighborhood, which we share with an abundance of wildlife such as Canadian geese, jack rabbits, raccoons, and more!

Last weekend, I offered to take the girls to Great America, or a museum of their choice. I thought they’d be elated to learn that Great America has officially opened for the season, but they were quite non-chalant about it. Instead, they chose to stay home.

They invited our neighbor Elena over, and decided that they would have a tea party right on the front porch. I was tasked to be their wonderful server, while they were the gracious little girls that chatted over make believe “tea”, snacks, and ice cream cones.


Their new mantra... "All for one and one for all!"
Their new mantra… “All for one and one for all!”
Instagram is my new BFF. You can follow me there for daily photos. My handle is jubileelau :)
Instagram is my new BFF. You can follow me there for daily photos. My handle is jubileelau 🙂

I decided it’d be fun to do a simple scavenger hunt and asked if the girls if they were interested. They pounced on the idea, and quickly got their bikes and scooters ready while I whipped up a scavenger list.

scavengerhunt1IMG_3144The girls were really into it, making lots of stops and exploring their way through the neighborhood to find each item.

scavengerhunt2IMG_3165IMG_3155scavengerhunt3I found that it was a good idea to keep some of the items rather vague, so that the girls could interpret on their own. Each had their personal opinion on what was considered a “treasure” to them, or what they felt was a “beautiful rock,” and part of the fun for me was seeing how different their interpretations were. IMG_3166

IMG_3167Looking forward to more outdoor fun this summer!



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